Little Girl

“I am going to see my Mummy and Daddy!” exclaimed the little girl to everyone and no one in particular. 

She skipped down the drive clutching the hand of her guardian looking like a vision in her golden brown curls, and wearing her favorite gown. To her chest she clutched the little doll that was her constant companion during all those nights did not have her Mummy and Daddy.

She waved and smiled at the people who had lined along the drive to bid her goodbye. Many were crying and telling how much they would miss her. 

“Don’t cry,” she said, “I will come back one day with my parents and that will be a fun day. Won’t it?” she asked her guardian while tugging at his sleeve.

He looked down at her eager face and smiled. With a sigh and in a soft voice he whispered, “Come on now, we must hurry.” As they reached the end of the drive, he glanced back at the funeral and picked up the little soul to leave. She hugged the reaper and exclaimed 

“I am going to see my Mummy and Daddy!”  to everyone and no one in particular. 


About The Blogger:

This guest post is written by Ramya ( @readncrochet )

“A complete bookworm who cannot stop going on about books! When not thinking, buying and talking about books you can find her buried in her pile of yarn crocheting stuff related to books or on twitter talking about books.”

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