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Of words we swallow, we live them for every moment – engraving these pictures fortified from the words in our minds to procure a life that isn’t distinctly ours and still rather very much ours.

We – the readers are a part of the community which keeps running through internal and external chaos, isn’t that true? We absolutely enjoy the feeling of being decapitated into another personality for who we have admiration or maybe to escape the normality – the reality we live in each day.

Books have proven to be a great source of knowledge. We live in a world where we have built our realm and taught ourselves the knowledge we have through the scriptures and books that were written a long time ago – the art of reading has always been a boon to the mankind.

And, this is so fun to observe because when I try to look back and read about history – the religious texts all over the world, the civilizations, the
stories that have followed for generations; I can find no idea on how we would have worked it all out without being a reader.

Of course, I am biased! I am an avid reader, where avid for me is ‘reading something for self-enjoyment and/or learning experience’ and definitely does not depend on the amount of books being read. For someone who reads a lot of fictional books, I have been often told that these are the stories which do not make sense but it would be delightful to take you into the world of fiction where the writers take more than a few years sometimes to put the story out with some beautiful essence as well.

Fiction has often been deciphered as something that does not provide knowledge and belongs to entertainment purposes. But, in recent years — just when I stepped out in the world as a book, I discovered that these stories are a lot more than just entertainment and laughter. Maybe, all these books do not contain exact facts but amazing authors around the world have been able to capture the emotions and pour them fluidly into the form of these novels in the books.

There are multiple books out there which take you through grief people might have had felt and we might have not noticed before. Books which ask and stand out calling for representation and there are books which provide insight into the brains of humans in the form of stories instead of facts are something that enchants me.

I do not say that fiction is solely for giving out messages either. A part of fiction has always served the purpose of giving enjoyable time of leisure. There are feel-good books which comply with simpler storylines and jotting everyday lives of a very life-like character and it would become so peaceful to read. Writers and authors are on a soul-wrenching marathon to give you this escape where you might want to travel to a different country or maybe into a realm which you have always dreamed of but never could explain in person to someone else.

Do you not think that authors have the power to manipulate your mind in the best way possible? I believe so, I have adored reading fantasy and transforming into mages who perform magic to zoning into historical fiction which has made me cry tears for nights. With that, I recently found about comfort books (too late to the party!) which are all about slice of life and solving problems which clutter our lives and somewhere when these characters smile right after getting through pain – we as the readers and immersing self into these characters – feel them too.

I would love to hear what you think about the question that I asked above. It is so fun to pour out my mind about these beautiful books that keep me engaged everyday. Comment below or reach out to Padhega India on one of the socials or drop a message to me with your answers.

Here are a few books I’d love to recommend, to order any of these, reach out to Padhega India at any of the socials 🙂

Well, I will see you with another post very soon. See you till then! Keep reading!

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This guest post is written by Chai, a very much of our own uncontrollable book lover.

Chai is a book blogger and lover (no doubt!), a chaotic bookworm who cannot stop talking about books, music and fictional characters. At times when books do not abide her hands, you can find her writing poems or ranting randomly on her Twitter. Talk to her about chai or books, she’d not let you have a chance to talk then. Grab a hold of her here.

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